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New Rule Breakdown: Braced Release Transitions

For high school rules, braced release transitions previously required a spotter on the bracer.  The new rules require two people under the bracer; two bases (a double based prep) or a single base with a spotter.  Note that in a double based prep, the “two bases” requirement is fulfilled and there is no requirement for an additional spotter.

Why the change? We noticed more and more that we encountered situations where a double based prep without a spot was bracing a release.  In order to make the skill legal by having a spotter, the double based prep was changed to being a single based stand with the second base moving out to become a spotter.  This often resulted in a less stable bracer, as the team had not been practicing with a single based bracer.  Additionally, in the rare event that a bracer was pulled down from their position, they fell forward, and the spotter behind the double based prep was not in a position to assist the top person without getting in the way of the bases, who were in the process of assisting the top person.

Therefore, the rules committees voted to allow the more stable double based prep instead of forcing a team into the position of using a less stable, less practiced single base stand with a spotter.

This “two under the bracer” rule applies to braced rolls and braced releases – including braced inversions that release. The braced flip is an exception and still requires that the two bracers are both in double based preps with spotters.