2018-19 AACCA College Cheerleading Rules

The 2018-2019 AACCA College Safety Rules have been reviewed, and we respect and appreciate the feedback we received.

The current changes are a result of many years of first-hand evaluation as well as discussions with college coaches across the country.  The changes are being made to better align with skills that are allowed and performed during games.

While these are significant changes, over the years similar rule modifications have been made and the teams have always adjusted and continued to put together outstanding performances for their crowds and competitions.



  • Added a definition for “Inverted” to help clarify existing rules.
  • Revised definition of “Toss” for consistency with other rule sets.

Partner Stunts:

  • Added that a spotter is required for a single base toss to shoulders during the release and landing phase of the skill. These skills are most often performed for pyramids and having another team member spot the skill momentarily will increase safety with minimal change in personnel.
  • Rewinds now allow the base to make a ½ turn under the top person from the previous ¼. Rewinds may land on the performing surface and may use a leg or toe pitch assist.
  • The section on flips from stunts has been rewritten with a focus on using the number of rotations and landing position as the basis for how many people are required to catch.


  • Front flips and Arabian dismounts are allowed. Back flip dismounts from pyramids are not allowed.
  • Flips into pyramids are allowed from prep level stunts or below.

Tosses: Regarding basket tosses, one of the most important aspects we focused on was the ability to consistently achieve the height required to safely complete the skill while also allowing the bases to begin the catch at the highest possible point.

  • Basket tosses have been limited to the specific list below. In addition, for individual basket tosses that both flip and twist (Example: X-out Full), the two side tossers and the backspot must be males. Regardless of personnel, basket tosses should only be performed in a safe progression based on the demonstration of lead up skills.
  • In flipping basket/sponge tosses, only the following skills are allowed (All other flipping basket positions and combinations are prohibited, i.e. front flip, pike-open full twist, Arabian, side sumi, double full twist, etc.)
    •  Tuck
    • Tuck X Out
    • Tuck Kick or Tuck Split
    • Layout
    • Layout Straddle
    • Layout Kick or Layout Split
    • Pike Open
    • Pike Open Straddle
    • Pike Open Kick or Pike Open Split
    • Layout Full Twist
    • Layout Straddle Full Twist
    • Tuck X Out Full Twist
    • Tuck Kick or Tuck Split Full Twist
    • Layout Kick or Layout Split Full Twist

For the full 2018-2019 rules, click here.