Video Tools

Whether you are a cheer coach or rules interpreter, there are several tools that can help you record, send, and view videos. If you use a service or program that is not listed here, please email me and let me know about it!
So many videos are recorded in “portrait” mode on mobile phones. These turn sideways went emailed and viewed on a computer screen. allows you to upload small videos (< 5MB) and rotate them any direction, then save the resulting video back to your computer. The site also allows you to convert videos to different formats. The site is free, but if you use it often, please use the donate button to send the creator of this service $5 or $10. Do your rules interpreters’ necks a solid and rotate your videos before sending them in!

[link here]

VLC Media Player
This player is very useful for playing a large variety of video formats. It is open source, and available for many different operating systems.

[link here]

Coach’s Eye
Coach’s Eye is a fantastic app available for iOS and Android that will video and allow editing of a video. Editing includes the ability to slow down video and mark up the video like a telestrator along with voice commentary. This edited video can then be shown to the entire team or emailed to an individual. The latest version also allows two videos to be loaded side by side and played simultaneously for comparison – great for showing technique improvements! The app is not free, but is well worth the low cost.

[link here]


Welcome to the Cheer Rules section of CheerSafe.

This site is intended to help cheerleaders, coaches, parents, administrators, and rules interpreters understand the current cheerleading safety rules for school and college cheerleading.  All Star cheer rules and levels fall under the US All Star Federation and can be found here.

Very Important! The NFHS rule interpretations here have been confirmed by the NFHS office. However, each state association is responsible for the final interpretations of the NFHS Spirit Rule Book. In addition, some states have further restrictions for cheer. It is your responsibility to contact your state athletics or activities association, or your school’s governing body, to determine what additional rules may exist. The state rules interpreter is the final say for rule interpretations at the state level.

For AACCA rule interpretations, the interpretation posted on this site is the final authority.