Rules Questions

Please note that if your rules question is for a particular event, it is always best to contact the event rules person first. There may be different interpretations or implementations of these rules in your state or at a particular event. 

See if your rules question is addressed in the “Video Library” on this site. If your rules question is not addressed, complete the form below. If possible, please include a link to a video with your question

If you have a question about a rule or video you do not want posted, please email and specify that you do not want the question or video posted publicly.  Be sure to clarify if it is for NFHS, AACCA, high school or college.

Rules Question

If you need to attach a file from your computer or phone, please send it, along with your rules question, to Be sure to include what rule reference you believe would make this skill legal or illegal, depending on your question. Otherwise, use the form below.
  • Your education as a coach is vital to continued cheerleading safety. Knowledge of the rules begins with you. What rule do you believe makes this skill legal or illegal, depending on your question?

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