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A recent update to WordPress has resulted in an issue with our video search. We are working to fix this issue. In the meantime, we are providing a sample of skills that are now legal based on the changes found in the 2019-20 USA Cheer/AACCA School rules. These are for high school teams and younger.

  • A top person in a stunt or pyramid may not release a sign directly to the ground. It must be handed to someone on the ground or come down with the top person, with existing restrictions like spotters not holding props or cradling with hard props.

The top person releasing the sign is ILLEGAL.

The pop down with the sign is LEGAL.
  • Braced flips may use one or two bracers. If only one bracer is used, each of the top person and bracer’s hands/arms need to be connected. This will allow prep level Bajas and Side Somis. All of the other requirements for a braced flip remain in place.

The Baja at prep level above is now LEGAL. The bracer must still be in a double based prep with a spotter, and when using one bracer, each hand/arm of the top and bracer must connect.

This version of a Side Somi is now LEGAL. It is a braced flip following the same rules as above.
  • Inversions may release to non‐inverted extended level stunts.

Inversions may now release to an extended position. When releasing to a stunt, it cannot twist. 1/2 twist is allowed during released to a cradle, the ground, or a load position.
  • In prep level inversions, the required contact between the top and base(s) may be maintained by either the top or the base(s).

This load to inversion no longer requires that the base grabs the top’s shoulders. The top person may be the person “maintaining” the contact, as long as it is sufficient to protect the head/neck/shoulders. This skill is LEGAL.
  • A top person may perform a forward roll with props from a prone position below prep level.

(Video to come.)

  • The rules regarding Switch Libs have been adjusted to allow landing on one or both feet, with the term being changed to “Switch Up”.

(Video to come.)